Dear Valued Customer,
The management of the Kuruwita Retreat has decided to open the resort premises to our valued customers to come and enjoy the Nature, Tranquillity, Cosy & Comfortable Rooms and Mouth-watering food at Kuruwita Retreat. However, the safety of our valued customer is paramount to us. Hence, due to the COVID-19 pandemic we have taken an extra effort to make the resort premises germs free zone. In order to do that we have taken following precautions in line with the government directives,
1. Disinfection of the entire Kuruwita Retreat premises including outdoor premises
2. Hand Sanitizers have been located inside the bed rooms and around the resort premises
3. Swimming pool access has been controlled and chlorinated regularly
4. Meals will be arranged upon the request of the customer prior to arrival
5. Food to be served in warm condition
6. The bedroom, bed linen, towels will be cleaned and disinfected after each and every visit of the guest/s.
Further, for the benefit of both the clients and the Hotel staff members, we kindly urge you to maintain following steps before you entering to the resort premises.
1. All Customers have to wear face masks throughout their stay at the Hotel.
2. Reservation will be applicable only for a Family of 4 members or married or engaged couples.
3. All customers must provide the accurate details at the point of reservation.
4. All customers must remove their slippers / shoes at the entrance of the bedroom.
5. All clients should be supportive with the staff members.
We kindly urge all of you to be responsible during this trying times and support us to provide you a splendid service at Kuruwita Retreat.
Thank You!
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