Adam's Peak (also Sri Pada; Sinhalese Samanalakanda - සමනළ කන්ද "Butterfly Mountain"; Arabic Al-Rohun, and also ශ්‍රී පාදය "Sri Paadaya"; Tamil Sivanolipatha Malai - சிவனொளி பாதமலை), is a 2,243 m (7,359 ft) tall conical mountain

Bopath Ellla

Bopath Ella (Sinhala: බෝපත් ඇල්ල) is a waterfall situated in the Ratnapura District of Sri Lanka. It has a shape very similar to the leaf of the Sacred fig or "Bo" tree, which has earned it this name. The waterfall is a major tourist attraction in the

Diwaguhawa / Batadombalena

The Batatotalena Cave also known as the Diva Guhava in Buddhist literature,(Not to be mistaken as the Batadombalena. Batandomba lena is a pre historic cave/settlement), is a cave system in Sudagala, 8 km (5 mi)

Kuru Ganga

Kuru Ganga (Kuru River) starts as “Seetha Gangula” (Cold River) in the hills of “Sri Pada” (also known as Adam’s Peak). Kuru Ganga therefore provides a pure & safe stream of water. The location also provides different levels of depths from
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